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Prevention and Treatment of the Consequences of Domestic Violence on Children.

 BS in Healthcare Management – Outline of Capstone Project Presentation (16–21 slides) Slide 1 (Title Slide): Capstone Project HLTH 4900; Name and Surname; January 10th, 2019 date; University, Prof name Slide 2 (Learning Outcome 2): Provide some statistics/epidemiological data relating to your health issue that frames the issue as a problem. Slides 3–5 (Learning Outcome 4): Provide a few facts (bulleted) about your health issue and the populations most impacted by this issue. Slides 6–8 (Learning Outcomes 1, 9, 10): How will changing demographics of the United States impact your health issue and the health services relating to this health issue? What are some of the monetary costs associated with this issue and how will it impact the quality of health service delivery? Slide 11 (Learning Outcome 9): How does this health issue transcend borders? In other words, explain how this issue impacts the global society—not just your local community, state, or country. Slide 14–15 (Learning Outcome 4): What role does culture play in addressing our chosen health issue? Provide an example as well as a strategy that could be used to work with and not against culture as it pertains to this health issue. Support your example with some supporting documentation. Slide 16 (Learning Outcome 5): Provide an example of how technology could be sued to address this problem? Provide 1–2 examples of innovations and ideas presented in the literature or media. Slide 17 (Learning Outcome 5): Describe 1–2 legal and ethical issues related to your health issue and how policy may impact this issue. Slide 18 (Learning Outcome 6): How can an interdisciplinary “team” approach be used to address this problem? Provide an example. Slide 19–20 (Learning Outcomes 9–13): Provide 3–4 examples of what you’ve learned in your training to become an effective health care administrator that will help you address this health issue as it relates to the areas of strategic planning, budgeting and fiscal evaluation, management, human resources, and leadership? Do you feel as though what you’ve learned will allow you to initiate social change? Slide 21: References

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Assignment Outline