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Problems that lgbt seniors face in care facilities

 Resources: APA Manual, Peer-reviewed journal articles found in the university library and/or online library databases. Cover Page The cover page of your manuscript is to be consistent with APA guidelines. Introduce the problem The body of your manuscript opens with an introduction that presents the specific problem under study and describes the research strategy. This section does not carry a heading labeling it the introduction. A good introduction answers the following questions in just a few pages and, by summarizing the relevant arguments and the past evidence, gives the reader a firm sense of what was done and why. Why is this problem important? What are the primary and secondary hypotheses and objectives of the study, and what, if any, are the links to the theory? How does the study relate to previous work in the area? If other aspects of this study have been reported previously, how does this report differ from, and build on, the earlier report? How do the hypotheses and research design relate to one another? What are the theoretical and practical implications of the study? **Assignment prompt source: APA Manual (Section 2.05) Write a 2-4 page introduction covering the numbered elements noted above. Reference Page The reference page will begin on a separate page following the introduction and list AT LEAST six (6) peer-reviewed articles. These articles should be discussed, intertwined and properly cited in the introduction. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Upload the Word document file to submit your Assignment. Refer to USCLibraries resources for further guidance: The Introduction (Links to an external site.) The C.A.R.S. Model (Links to an external site.) Background Information (Links to an external site.) The Research Problem (Links to an external site.) Theoretical Framework (Links to an external

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Assignment Outline