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Profile of an Adult Education Program


Page Requirements: 3 – 5 excluding title and reference pages. Rationale: This assignment gives you an opportunity to examine an adult education program of your choice in detail and identify its specific impact for its target group and from a societal perspective using the criteria provided below. Directions: 1. Identify ONE adult education program to study; a. Programs can be historical or current. b. Context can be local to your community, provincial, national or global. 2. Review any literature that is publicly available for this program such as books, journal articles, annual reports, mission statements, advertising, brochures, pamphlets, websites, and newspaper articles. Do not interview program staff, as this constitutes primary (live) research for which you do not have university approval. 3. Develop a Program Profile: Use the following questions as a guide to build a short profile of the program. Items in yellow and bolded are suggested headings: · What is/was the purpose of this program? For example, what need does/did it serves in the community/society? · What philosophical orientation embodies this program? · What group or type of adult learner does/did this program address? · Describe some of the programs activities/programming : · Identify the adult learning environment – formal, non-formal, informal, self-directed? · How long has/was this program been available? · How is/was this program funded? · What is/was the general impact of this program on the community/society that it is intended to serve? 4. Add images/links to video if you wish. You may also consider using tables to organize some of your information to keep it brief.

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Assignment Outline