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Project scheduling methodologies

Apply project scheduling methodologies, including Critical Path Method (CPM), Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), and resource allocation including schedule compression techniques such as crashing, fast-tracking, and scope reduction. Formulate approaches to control the project cost schedule and performance using Earned Value Management (EVM), scope control, and rebase-lining techniques. Utilize a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and work in MS Project to complete resource assignments for the project schedule and enter cost estimates for all resources. Part 1 Assignment Description should be in 100 words Your first presentation was excellent, and the project work is moving forward. No project can be managed without a WBS. The CIO now has decided that it is time for you to create the work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project. Determine the following: The scope of the project How is the WBS created? Do you use the PMBOK® Guide project life cycle phases (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and control, and close out) as the noun or do you use the deliverable or project name as the noun? The noun in a WBS is the deliverable. The work breakdown structure (WBS) that is representative of the project scope, which should include the following: Deliverables/Outputs Activities Tasks Products or services All major tasks should be organized into work packages. A work-package is the lowest level of the WBS. Do not decide on estimates for the activities or work-packages at this time. Part 2 Should be 175 words Now that you have had the opportunity to discuss your project and somewhat build your WBS in the group discussion area and offline, use MS project software to complete the following: Creating your WBS in MS Project. Using MS Project, enter all the WBS deliverables/outputs, activities, and tasks into a new MS Project file and save it with your group name and course #. Sequence your activities. Now that you have defined your activities, ensure that they are listed in the order that they should be completed. If one activity is dependent on another, be sure to list that dependency in the “Predecessor” column. Activity estimation. Assign an initial work effort to each of the activities from the WBS. Provide an estimation framework for the WBS. This should be approximate. You’re allowed to make assumptions as long you’re being realistic. The framework should be estimated in days. Duration estimation. Now that you have defined the WBS activities, sequenced them in a logical order and defined the dependency relationships between them, and estimated resources, add the activity duration for all activities then add a start date to each task. The finish date should automatically populate. If you have a conflict, review your predecessor relationships. Remember, you do not need to add anything to the summary tasks (the deliverable/output). The summary tasks will update automatically as soon as you link the activities to them. They summarize the duration and start/finish date for that entire deliverable. The screen shot below should provide you with an example of how your work will look before submitting this assignment.

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