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Prompt: “Describe the problem of induction. How does induction pose

Prompt: “Describe the problem of induction. How does induction pose a problem for empiricist accounts of scientific knowledge?”

– Use citations (MLA)

– Parenthetical citations need a Works Cited page.

– Cite our texts and not the lectures.

– No outside sources!

– Citation errors will not be penalized.

– Provided there is no obvious plagiarism. Again, this applies to response papers only

– 1-2 double-spaced pages. It’s totally okay if it is longer than 2-3 pages.

– Be sure to answer each part of the prompt.

– Typically a definitional part and an opinion part.

– Use I statements.

– Grammatical and spelling errors will be corrected but not penalized. This is for response papers only.

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