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Provide complete answers, using specific references, examples, and/or quotes (with

 Provide complete answers, using specific references, examples, and/or quotes (with basic citation) where relevant and possible. 

Did you answer the question? Did you support your answer with examples/references? Are you demonstrating an understanding of the texts asked about? Does your answer just rephrase or echo what SparkNotes/Bookrags/Whatever says? Do you seem to have gone over your answers before submitting them? Did you meet the length requirement? Etcetera.

1. Compare and contrast, using specific examples, the attitude toward the dead in Walt Whitman’s “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” and Black Elk’s Black Elk Speaks.

2. Using specific examples, describe the relationship between secrecy and morality in As I Lay Dying.  Make sure you are discussing more than one character and more than one example.

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