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PSYC 631 Communication Project: Final Assignment InstructionsOverview For this assignment, you will

PSYC 631

Communication Project: Final Assignment Instructions


For this assignment, you will submit a creative project focusing on the communication of a major content area covered in the course to a hypothetical layperson audience (e.g., adolescents, parents, teachers). You must communicate the material in a creative/engaging way (e.g., PowerPoint presentation, website, pamphlet, YouTube video/PSA) and demonstrate an ability to summarize academic material for a non-academic audience. This is an important skill in various professional roles. You are encouraged to get creative and have fun with this project, so do not feel confined to the format examples listed above.


Because you have some creative freedom of your work, your final projects are likely to vary considerably, but requirements for full credit are listed below:

1. Your project must clearly communicate course content in a way that would be understandable to the intended audience.
Be sure to explicitly state your intended audience in your project.

2. Your project must include the use of at least

academic references.

· One source must be a course reading.

·. Articles from newspapers, magazines, websites, and dissertation/thesis databases may not be used.

· The sources must be integrated into your project somehow (e.g., citations in a pamphlet/presentation, verbally citing sources in a video).

3. Your project must include an APA-style reference page listing your cited sources in current APA format. This can be included as a separate page/document or added on to the end of your project (e.g., a reference slide in a PowerPoint presentation).

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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