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PSYC 775 Syllabus: Final and Rubric Assignment InstructionsOverview The purpose of the Syllabus:

PSYC 775

Syllabus: Final and Rubric Assignment Instructions


The purpose of the
Syllabus: Final and Rubric Assignment is to give you experience in the creation of a final syllabus as well as the creation of an effective rubric. For this assignment, you will complete the syllabus you began creating in your
Syllabus: Draft Assignment and provide a grading rubric for one assignment. Details of the two assignment components are found below.


Final Syllabus – For the final version of the syllabus, you will include:

· A complete listing of all tests and assignments that would be given in the hypothetical course you have chosen for this term. This information should be incorporated into the course schedule section of your previous syllabus draft such that the final schedule will now contain the week number, topics/readings covered, and any assignments/exams due that week.

· In a separate Assignment Descriptions section of the syllabus, include:

· A brief summary of each assignment/test’s requirements/details

· How many points each assignment/test is worth (the total should correspond to your grading scale previously created).

· At least one proposed assignment must be a written assignment
(see pages 115–120 in your textbook for some ideas).

Rubric – In addition to the final version of your syllabus incorporating the assignment list and descriptions, you will also choose one written assignment for your course and create a detailed rubric for the grading of that assignment. Your rubric should include specific expectations for student work with corresponding point values. That is, your rubric should break down the specific components of ideal student work, and each component should have a predetermined point value (e.g., how many points will features such as content, critical thinking, grammar, APA-style, and other possible assignment requirements be worth).

Additional assignment details:

· You must submit your final syllabus as a whole. Do not just submit the listing of assignments. This information should be incorporated into the existing syllabus draft.

· If needed, feel free to modify information on the syllabus draft to fit with the added assignment details (e.g., grading scale, learning goals). If feedback/corrections were suggested on your
Syllabus: Draft Assignment, any corresponding edits should be incorporated into your final syllabus as well.

· Submit your syllabus and rubric in one Word document, with the rubric being on a separate page following the syllabus.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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