(1)  Diagnose A Character Assignment Part I (2 pages)

Here is your opportunity to play psychologist. Your task in part one of this assignment is to diagnose a lead character in a movie. Following the directions below, write and submit a 2 page assessment of your character.

1. Choose and view one of the movies listed below.

2. Briefly summarize the movie in your paper.

3. Choose one of the characters to diagnose and briefly discuss why you chose that particular character.

4. Next discuss what disorder(s) you think your character has. Why do you feel that your diagnosis is correct? (i.e. what are some of the character’s presenting symptoms)

5. Last, do you feel that the movie accurately portrayed your character’s disorder?

Here is your list of movies to choose from:

A Beautiful Mind

Analyze This or Analyze That

As Good As It Gets

Fisher King

Girl Interrupted


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Primal Fear

Sling Blade

Spellbound (the Hitchcock one)


Three Faces of Eve

What About Bob

When a Man Loves a Woman


2. Diagnose a Character Part II (2 pages)

Now that you have diagnosed your character it is time to learn more about your diagnosis. Your task is to research your character’s disorder and write 2 pages paper discussing what you have learned about this disorder. (If you diagnosed your character with more than one disorder, pick the disorder that interested you the most and write about just that one).

What to include in your discussion:

1. What axis of the DSM IV does this disorder fall under?

2. What are the diagnostic criteria (symptoms) of this disorder

3. Are there any known “causes” for this disorder?

4. What type of complications can occur for people with this disorder?

5. What is the typical age of onset?

6. What is the comorbidity of this disorder (Comorbidity refers to dual diagnoses as many disorders are frequently associated with additional disorders in one patient)

7. What is the familial pattern of this disorder? (Does this disorder tend to be biologically inherited)

8. How is this disorder treated?

9. Anything else that you find interesting and wish to include in your report. J

Here are a few places that may help you start your research. (Don’t forget to run an individual search on your particular disorder that you chose in addition to these sites. You may be amazed at what you can learn, especially from support groups and such.)

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