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My proposed topic is: A study on assessment of womens attitudes and awareness of cervical cancer screening among women(18-55years)residing in North East,Uk.

Can you let me know if you are using primary or secondary data. No mixed study pls. Quantitative 

The structure for the proposal is below.  

Proposal structure:


Brief literature review

Research questions

Aim and objectives

Epistemiological approach


Research outcomes


Timeline(Gnatt chart)

Pls my school does not joke with references(Harvard style)!!!

A copy of my previous proposal that was rejected is attached below. You can go through it to see what and what not to do.

Expert Solution Preview

The proposed study aims to assess women’s attitudes and awareness of cervical cancer screening among women aged 18-55 years residing in North East UK. The study will focus on collecting quantitative data to gain insights into women’s knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to cervical cancer screening. This research will contribute to identifying areas of improvement and designing targeted interventions to increase cervical cancer screening rates and enhance overall women’s health.

Based on the provided information, the study will utilize primary quantitative data. Primary data refers to original data collected directly from the target population for a specific research study. In this case, the researcher will directly interact with women residing in North East UK to gather information on their attitudes and awareness of cervical cancer screening. This data can be collected through surveys, questionnaires, or structured interviews, allowing the researcher to obtain specific and relevant responses directly from the participants.

The use of primary data in this study will provide firsthand insights into women’s actual attitudes and awareness of cervical cancer screening. This data will be collected specifically for this research, ensuring that the information gathered is tailored to meet the objectives and research questions of the study. Primary data also allows for a more detailed analysis and interpretation of the findings, enabling a deeper understanding of the factors affecting women’s attitudes and awareness in the target population.

Utilizing primary data in a quantitative form aligns with the aim of objectively measuring and analyzing women’s attitudes and awareness of cervical cancer screening. It allows for the use of statistical methods to quantify the findings and assess any relationships or patterns that may exist in the collected data. The use of a quantitative approach will provide valuable insights into the prevalence and distribution of attitudes and awareness among women aged 18-55 years in the North East UK region.

– Include appropriate reference citations in accordance with the Harvard style guidelines for accurate academic referencing.

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