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Public Health Promotion Paper Nursing Assignment Help

I need help with a 3500 word assassignment.

The assignment brief and details are attached below.

In the part of the promotion, please pick one of these health promotion campaigns

1. “Rethink your drink” campaign

2. “Talk they hear too” campaign

And follow all the instructions in the action plan to the letter.


1. The topic Rethink your Drink campaign is an already established health promotion campaign by the CDC, which started in 2018 raising awareness of the risk of consuming sugary drinks. Pls research on the topic ( Rethink your drink campaign) and cite the CDC reference and also read about the campaign

2. Follow the word guidance given. E.g. the introduction shouldn’t be more than 400 words

3. The references cited should be more than 20 to support the critique

4. Reference for each Health Belief Model should be cited as well

5. Also, citation examples of similar campaigns that used the same HBM with relevant references

6. The assignment is about critical appraisal and evaluation of the campaign using 3 HBM … that should be the focus on the body and evaluation

7. The assignment requires appendix. It’s stated in the brief.

8 I’ve sent an additional guide and also a draft which I did while I was researching to do it myself but decided to contract it out as I’m very busy at the moment .

Please go through them and do a good job

Thank you

Expert Solution Preview


The assignment requires a critical appraisal and evaluation of a health promotion campaign using the Health Belief Model (HBM) as the theoretical framework. The chosen campaign for analysis will be the “Rethink your drink” campaign, which is an established health promotion initiative by the CDC. The objective of the assignment is to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign in raising awareness of the risks associated with consuming sugary drinks. This answer will outline the structure and content of the assignment, addressing each requirement provided in the assignment brief.


To meet the requirements of the assignment and successfully evaluate the “Rethink your drink” campaign, the following actions will be undertaken:

1. Research on the “Rethink your drink” campaign: Extensive research on the campaign will be conducted to familiarize ourselves with its background, objectives, target audience, strategies, and outcomes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will serve as a primary reference, and relevant information from their website and publications will be gathered and cited.

2. Word guidance: Adhering to the given word guidance, the introduction section will be limited to a maximum of 400 words. It will provide a concise overview of the “Rethink your drink” campaign, introducing its purpose and key messages to the readers.

3. In-depth evaluation: The body of the assignment will focus on critically appraising the campaign using the Health Belief Model (HBM) as the analytical framework. Three key components of the HBM will be utilized: perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, and perceived benefits. Each component will be evaluated in relation to the campaign’s effectiveness in influencing individuals’ behaviors and perceptions regarding sugary drink consumption. The content will be supported by a comprehensive analysis of relevant literature, academic studies, and other reliable sources.

4. Citations and references: To meet the required criteria, a minimum of 20 references will be included in the assignment to support the critique. The CDC reference, which is the primary source for information on the campaign, will be cited accordingly. In addition, other references will be utilized to provide further evidence and examples of health promotion campaigns that have used the HBM with relevant citations.

5. Health belief model and similar campaigns: As part of the evaluation process, the assignment will include examples of other health promotion campaigns that have employed the Health Belief Model as their theoretical framework. Citing these campaigns and providing relevant references will enable a comparative analysis and better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the “Rethink your drink” campaign.

6. Appendix: In accordance with the assignment brief, the assignment will include an appendix section. The appendix will contain relevant supporting materials, such as charts, tables, graphs, or any additional information that supplement the main body of the assignment.

By addressing each requirement and following the guidelines provided in the assignment brief, the completed assignment on the evaluation of the “Rethink your drink” campaign using the Health Belief Model will offer a comprehensive analysis of the campaign’s effectiveness in raising awareness about the risks associated with sugary drink consumption.

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