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Public Sector Management

The first reading for this week is Individual Readiness for Organizational Change and Its Implications for Human Resources and Organisational Development by Myungweon Cho and Wendy E. A. Ruona. The second article is ICT-Enabled Public Sector Organizational Transformation: Factors Constituting Resistance to Change by Rene Meier, Esther Ruiz Ben and Tino Schuppan. After you complete the assigned readings, please respond to the following questions: What is organizational change? DO NOT provide a dictionary definition. Use the content of the readings to respond to this question. Why many change efforts not result in their intended aims and do not foster sustained change? Please explain. What do the authors mean by the following statement “…individuals are not naturally resistant to change-rather, they resist the imposition of change, or the way change is imposed to them?” (Cho & Ruona, 2011, p.50) How can this information be helpful in organizational change efforts? Provide an example, from your personal experience, of how employees resisted change at your former or current place of employment. How did management address this resistance? You do not have to identify your employer or former employer. What aspect(s) of your strategy (i.e., people, process, purpose, policy, technology, etc.) is likely to encounter resistance in the organization(s) in which you will implement it? How will you increase individual readiness or address this resistance?

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