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Q1 Required a. Identifylist three online stores with content that exemplifyrepresent each of the 3 basic revenue models for online

Q1 Required)
a. Identify/list three online stores with content that exemplify/represent each of the 3 basic revenue models for online content.
b. Describe how each site works, and how it generates revenue.
c. Describe how each site provides value to the consumer.
d. Which type of revenue model do you prefer, and why?
Individual Lab 11
Q1 Required)
Online auctions have effectively created a giant virtual marketplace where people can gather to buy, sell, trade and check out the goods of the day and people do make money through online auctions.
Now imagine you want to start auctioning products online. Answer the following:
1. Which company leads the online auction industry? Will you use this company to auction your products and why?
2. List what steps you must do to harness the volumes of traffic heading your way and generate the highest profits possible?
Remember the competition is fierce, and your product can easily get lost among the hundreds of listings.

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