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Question one Evidence Based Practice on Managing Hypertension Hypertension can lead to more serious cardiac disorders such as CHF so

Question one
Evidence Based Practice on Managing Hypertension
Hypertension can lead to more serious cardiac disorders such as CHF so interventions to prevent it from progressing are important. Here is a Cochrans Report below that analyzed Research on management of hypertension with recommendations on interventions that are effective. In 100 words, Review the summary and share some of the findings and recommendations to earn credit. link
Question two
Evidence Based Practice Integration to Nursing Practice
Research using Cochrane Systematic Reviews or Guidelines from the AHRQ. This is the type of source/database you should use when asked to provide EBP or research. Explore the sites, look over an area related to Cardiac/ CHF or respiratory disorders that interests you and in 100 words, share an EBP intervention from the site that nursing could use and share a link to the article or guideline. Replying with EBP from the sites will count as one substantial post for the week.Link
Question three
Scholarly Sources for Academic Work and Practice
Class for your academic undergraduate work you should be using assigned readings and other scholarly sources designed for the health care professional. Posts that use consumer web sites, patient ed sites or news stories designed for the layman do not earn credit. It is important that you understand what constitutes a scholarly source. GCU has a wonderful tutorial on evaluation sources.
To earn credit for one substantive reply post for the week:
1. Visit GCUs evaluating resources library guide ,
2. Review the site. In 100 words Briefly discuss two things you learned.
Question four
Evidence Based Practice Guidelines CHF and other Cardiac Complexities
Class here is a link to research from 2019 that seeks to reduce readmission rates for CHF patients. The article has links to EBP in the reference section that may be useful for your study this week. The Clinical section of the American College of Cardiology also provides EBP on common cardiac disorders. In 100 words,review the article and site and share something new that you learned.
Question five
Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease
1. Research scholarly sources designed for health care professionals, and provide a ONE risk factor for Alzheimers.
2. State the risk factor
3. State whether it is a modifiable risk factor.
4. Summarize why it is a risk factor.. ie the physiological impact
5. Include your reference/source with the required doi or url/ web link
Question 6
Types of Stroke
In 100 words describe one type of cerebrovascular accident/stroke (CVA)
the cause and related physiology. In short, what occurs within the body to cause the stroke? Use our text and other scholarly sources to research your answer (Include the reference in your reply). Posts that use consumer web sites like Mayo Clinic and Web MD will not earn credit.

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