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Questions What are your thoughts on including digital technology in


  • What are your thoughts on including digital technology in early childhood classrooms?
  • Do you think it is important to build on young children’s interest in popular culture narratives in early childhood settings? If your answer is ‘yes’, then what would this look like? How would you work with your students to decide what popular culture characters and narratives should be included?
  • If you believe that popular culture should be kept out of the classroom, what is your rationale? How does this account for including students’ out-of-school interests and ‘voices’ in the early childhood context?
  • When you were a young child, did your preschool teacher, daycare worker, or kindergarten teacher have toys or other props related to your popular culture interests in the classroom? If your answer is ‘yes’, how did you feel about this? If your answer is ‘no’, do you think you would have embraced the opportunity to play specific toys, or perhaps, read books centered on the familiar storylines of your favourite characters during your school day?

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