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Rapid Assessment of a Client

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Rapid Assessment of a Client (graded)Please choose one of the patient scenarios below. Next, complete a rapid assessment, and provide a SBAR report to a classmate. Remember to include all concepts of patient safety, standard precautions, and professional standards.You are covering for a coworker who is off the floor for lunch, when you suddenly hear a loud crash coming from a nearby patient room. You quickly run in and discover Mr. Johnson who was admitted yesterday with a diagnosis of cerebral vascular accident (CVA) unconscious on the floor between the bed and the bathroom.You are called to the room of 2-year-old Jonah by his mother who states the child has suddenly started breathing very loudly and does not look right. Upon entering the room you quickly recognize that the child is in respiratory distress as his lips are cyanotic and the use of accessory muscles is evident.You are in the process of admitting Ashley, a 27 year old who is 28 weeks pregnant with her first child, to the obstetric unit for complaints of headache, dizziness, and swelling of her lower extremities when she suddenly begins seizing.

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As a medical professor, it is important to equip medical college students with the necessary skills and knowledge in assessing patients rapidly in various situations. In this assignment, students are required to choose one of the patient scenarios provided, conduct a rapid assessment, and provide an SBAR report to a classmate. This exercise should integrate patient safety, standard precautions, and professional standards to ensure that the medical students understand their roles as healthcare providers and the importance of timely and accurate communication.

Rapid Assessment and SBAR Report for Ashley:

Assessment: Upon arrival at the obstetric unit, Ashley exhibits several signs and symptoms that suggest an impending seizure. She complains of headache, dizziness, and swelling in her lower extremities. She suddenly begins seizing, with jerky and uncoordinated movements. Her breathing is rapid, shallow and labored, with the presence of stridor.

Patient safety measures: The immediate safety measures should be implemented by ensuring an open airway, providing oxygen supply, and placing the patient on a side-lying position to prevent aspiration.

Standard precautions: Interaction with Ashley should be carried out using standard precautions such as hand hygiene, wearing gloves, a gown, and protective eyewear to prevent the spread of infections.

Professional standards: Effective communication is essential to ensure timely intervention and to avoid potential harm to the patient. In this scenario, the healthcare provider needs to provide clear and concise information to the receiving healthcare professional using the SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation) strategy.

SBAR report: “Hello, this is (your name), covering for (your coworker’s name) on the obstetric unit. I am calling to report that Ashley, a 27-year-old patient who is 28 weeks pregnant, has been admitted with complaints of headache, dizziness, and swelling in her lower extremities. She suddenly began seizing and is experiencing stridor. We have taken measures to ensure patient safety, with an open airway, oxygen administration, and placing her on a side-lying position. I would recommend an urgent transfer to the emergency department for further management. Are there any available resources or recommendations you can provide at this time?”


In conclusion, rapid assessment is an essential skill for healthcare providers to ensure the early diagnosis and treatment of patients. The use of patient safety, standard precautions, and professional standards is an important aspect of providing quality healthcare. Through this exercise, medical college students will be able to integrate these concepts into their clinical practice, which will ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.

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