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Recommending a hiring policy

 While the new operation will be hiring many candidates externally, there are a number of jobs that would be attractive to employees from the eight similar operations. For example, the HR department will have a staff of about 15, six of whom will be at the managerial level and there are distinct advantages to promoting employees from a similar operation elsewhere in the company. A key element of an effective performance management program is creating opportunities for employees to move up within the organizational structure. Some key elements of a successful performance management program would be: A succession planning program to fill key positions quickly after they become open. A career path program for individual employees. An internal promotion program. As an external expert in this area, you have been asked to work with a group of subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop a succession planning program, a career path program for employees, and an internal promotion program. You intend to base these plans on current research and on the facility described below: The new facility will be a multi-purpose regional office with 1500 employees in a variety of disciplines. The new employees will be hired for all positions, ranging from a regional VP and senior staff functions, to the customer service team, and the distribution/warehouse team with 400 employees. The new facility will be similar to eight existing facilities in other regions. Instructions Describe the advantages of promoting from within the organization, based on current information from both application and research articles in the fields of staffing and promotion. Include examples of organizations that successfully use internal recruiting. Select an area of the facility described above and recommend a succession plan for at least two levels of the facility (for example, manager, two assistant managers, six department supervisors). Create effective development plans to prepare people to move into these higher level positions, based on current information from both application and research articles from the areas of human resource development and staffing. Propose how you would integrate a research-based career path program into the succession plan. Justify your recommendation with research.

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