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Reflection on Elgin Barrett and EQ.

Name Personal Mental Health Issue Experiences In this reflection paper please answer the following 5 questions. Submit your answer using Dropbox. ✓ What did you think Bipolar Mood Disorder was before this semester? ✓ What is Bipolar Mood Disorder? Explain using information you gained from the Elgin Barrett video AND one other referenced source. ✓ Describe one thing that you learned from the Barratt talk that you did not know before. ✓ The ‘system’ treated Elgin very differently than his mother. They were both suffering but she was not properly diagnosed and wound up committing suicide. Why was Elgin treated differently by the ‘system’? ✓ What does EQ stand for and what was the most important thing that you learned from the ‘EQ’ videotaped interview?

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Assignment Outline