Reply to discussion in 250275 works APA format with scholarly citation Before this course started I did not think that

Reply to discussion in 250-275 works, APA format with scholarly citation
Before this course started, I did not think that the patients culture was important to consider in the health field. I just assumed that people of all ethnicities and heritages could just waltz into a hospital, receive treatment, and everything would be fine. But since I started this course, I have come to realize that it is important to know and understand the different cultures of your patients to be an effective healthcare provider.
People of different cultures will tend to have different values, beliefs and religious practices that could impact communication (Purnell, 2005). If a healthcare provider doesn’t understand the social norms of their patient, they may end up doing things unintentionally that disrespect them or make the patient feel uncomfortable (Zimmerman & Osborne-Harrison, 2016). This could make the patient less likely to take the providers advice and impact their recovery process (Zimmerman & Osborne-Harrison, 2016). Or their values or religious practices could make them reject or request certain healthcare treatments that the provider wouldn’t have even considered (Zimmerman & Osborne-Harrison, 2016). Furthermore, different cultures can have different hereditary traits that make them more susceptible to diseases or might reduce their acceptance of certain drugs (Purnell, 2005).
It is for these reasons, that a healthcare provider should be culturally aware and know how to research specific facts about another culture to better understand their patients (Suh, 2004). Cultural awareness will reduce the possibility of a healthcare provider making a mistake that would impact their patients recovery (Zimmerman & Osborne-Harrison, 2016). It will allow them to better connect with their patient and make them feel more comfortable (Zimmerman & Osborne-Harrison, 2016). Otherwise, the patient will be uncomfortable receiving treatment and may reject it in the future.
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