Reply to Discussion Question 1 250275 words APA format requires scholarly sources. Government suing the tobacco industry may have different

Reply to Discussion Question 1 (250-275 words) APA format, requires scholarly sources.
Government suing the tobacco industry may have different implications both at the present and future. For instance, the lawsuit may prompt the tobacco industries to start minimizing the production and oversight of nicotine in cigarettes given that in the United States, tobacco is not regulated in a way that offers meaningful protection to the public (Crosbie et al., 2018). Besides, the suit will play a crucial role in emphasizing the various effects of tobacco on the public. Moreover, as the government continues to play its part in facilitating quality health services, it is without a doubt that its functions are faced with different challenges which limit its capacity to function fully (Hernández-Aguado et al., 2018). Many lobby groups’ influences the public health policies through such influence are limited, mainly because such groups can only propose but not implement the strategies. However, the government in the process of policymaking within public health can also consult such groups to avoid the issue of either technical or issue biases (Leider et al., 2018).
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