Reply to Discussion Question 1 250275 words APA format requires scholarly sources. Public policy implications of the government suing the

Reply to Discussion Question 1 (250-275 words) APA format, requires scholarly sources.
Public policy implications of the government suing the tobacco industry
The tobacco industry has faced various legal chargers over the years due to the health implications of tobacco use. In 1999, the US state attorney launched a lawsuit against the tobacco industry citing the rising costs of healthcare accorded to tobacco smokers. This lawsuit was instigated by complaints from the public about the health effects of tobacco (Jones & Silvestri, 2010). The government suing the tobacco industry showed that public policy influences legal decisions, encouraging more people to join lobby groups.
Role of the government in regards to the scope and function of public health
The government plays a critical role in ensuring that there is the availability of quality public health facilities. It is responsible for formulating policies that ensure that public health is funded by allocating money towards the building and equipping of health facilities. The government may also promote public health by encouraging and educating people to live a healthy life. Through campaigns, the government can offer nutritional advice, educate people on healthy living, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and provide clean water and sanitation. The government also offers political support to public health by passing bills that protect the health of the people.
Lobby groups influence on public health policy
Lobby groups should be allowed to participate in the formulation of public health policies as they comprise people from different backgrounds with knowledge of the state of their community. They have access to information because they represent the affected people. Public health Lobbyists can be community leaders, residents of an area, and medical professionals among others who have dedicated their time to understanding health issues in their communities and are willing to communicate these issues to lawmakers. Lobby groups should, therefore, take part in formulating public health policies.
Jones, W. J., & Silvestri, G. A. (2010). The Master Settlement Agreement and its impact on tobacco use 10 years later: lessons for physicians about health policy making. Chest, 137(3), 692–700.

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