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Report writing- Case: University Health Services (UHS)

 Case: University Health Services (UHS): Walk-In-Clinic Questions: 1. With the help of process flow diagrams, compare the pre-triage and the post-triage systems in terms of total system time and total waiting times (note: take the pre-triage wait for NP to be 13.5 minutes, midpoint of the range). Is the new system an improvement over the old? 2. Look at the patient arrival rates and compare them to the available MD and NP capacity. An hour-by-hour and day-by-day analysis will show some interesting patterns. Based on what you have learned about waiting times and utilization, discuss the current fit between supply and demand? 3. If you were a healthcare administrator, such as Ms. Angel, how would your staffing decisions be different if your customers were college students versus business executives? Justify your answer from customer satisfaction point of view. 4. Why are “walk-in appointments” a problem if the students asking for specific providers are willing to wait longer? What should Ms. Angell do about them, if anything? 5. What other actions, if any, would you recommend to Ms. Angell? Try to classify your actions in three categories: (1) managing capacity, (2) managing demand, and (3) managing the waiting experience.

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