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Research Methods Evaluation- Public Health outline

 Description ASSIGNMENT: You will turn in a one-page document with your “research topic” and an outline for a literature review. 1. Pick your research topic 2. Turn in outline for literature review 3. Bullets are fine 4. Look at current literature if you need ideas 5. Pick something that you care about GUIDELINES: • Must be a topic that is relevant to 18-30 aged adults in Durham EXAMPLE: Research Topic: Increasing HIV testing in Adolescent Boys in Durham Outline: I. Sexually transmitted diseases in US adolescents A. Problem of HIV in adolescent boys II. Testing and screening for STIs A. Low testing rates in adolescent boys B. Differences by races C. Barriers to testing III. Summarize other programs that addressed a health behavior in adolescent boys A. Strengths and limitations of other, similar programs IV. Rational for this study

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