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Research one of the weather phenomena monsoons hurricanes or El Nio events discussed in this Section. Then choose one particular

Research one of the weather phenomena (monsoons, hurricanes, or El Niño events) discussed in this Section. Then, choose one particular event (e.g. Hurricane Katrina) and state your findings in a report. This report must be at least 500 words, but no more than 1,000 words. Make sure your writing is concise and to the point.
Your report must include the following:
The name and description of the particular weather event
How the hurricane, monsoon, or El Niño event formed
The effects of the weather phenomenon on lives, the food supply, disease, and the economy (choose 2)
What tools scientists used to track this particular storm (general)
Include 2-5 related pictures (include the URL addresses in your works cited)
Works Cited

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