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Research Paper Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to introduce the student to writing a primary research paper and

Research Paper Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to introduce the student to writing a primary research paper and improving both their research and academic writing skills.
You are required to write an analytical research paper.
If you are unsure of what this type of paper is check Please follow the instructions below;
Select a sub-topic of class, gender, race, and the criminal justice system examined in your primary texts, or during classroom discussions.
Engage in a deeper analysis of the sub-topic.
Discuss its development, the use of relevant theory, and/or type of reasoning used within theories related to the sub-topic. I want you to be more analytical and thoughtful about all aspects of class, gender, race, and crime, being able to apply basic principles, and discuss how certain theories, and social processes.
You must use at least 7 peer-reviewed resources supplemental to your required texts and in-class articles.
You may use your texts and assigned articles as resources, and they must be included in your bibliography, but they will not count toward the final number of resources.
Find a variety of resources about your topic.
Please do not rely only on the Internet. You must have a variety of scholarly, peer-reviewed reference sources.
Popular Mechanics is not a scholarly resource, and law reviews are also not peer-reviewed. The resource must be peer-reviewed, in an academic journal.
This is not negotiable.
You may use none peer-reviewed sources alongside the required 7 peer-reviewed sources.
Any paper not meeting the listed guidelines above will receive an automatic point grade of a D. The paper must be in APA 7th style formatting.
Be sure to properly cite all sources used both in the text (known as parenthetical), and on the reference page.
If you are unfamiliar with APA style formatting, please get a copy of the APA Manual, and use it to assist you in your writing. You can also make an appointment with the Writing Center and get lots of help.
There are APA help items on the Writing Center’s website as well.
4. Papers should follow all features according to the APA 6th guidelines. You should be able to briefly, and properly explain your paper.
Writing the abstract will help you develop this skill.
Papers should include a title page, abstract page, minimum of 8 -10 pages of content, and the References page.

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