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Research Paper: Preventing Nurse Burn out

Research Paper:

The student will prepare a scholarly paper based on nursing research through in-depth study of a chosen subject. The student will use the APA Manual or sites listed below for guidance in preparing the paper, especially in the areas of abbreviations, numbers, page numbers, punctuation, citations, and references.

Evaluation will be made using the rubric provided. *Topic for paper: Limiting Nurse Burn out* Sources must include, but are not limited to, at least three nursing-authored books, scholarly Nursing journal articles or text books, though no more than one text book may be used. Sources may not be older than 2013. Sources that do not meet the criteria may be approved in advance by the classroom faculty. You will need to utilize the Keiser University Library for your resources. Deadline policy applies. Articles/texts/sources should be available for review by faculty. Please turn in a copy of your journal articles with your work.

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Assignment Outline