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Research PortfolioLiterature Review 10: Students are to actively work on this assignment throughout the semester. You will be collecting 8

Research Portfolio/Literature Review (10
Students are to actively work on this assignment throughout the semester. You will be collecting 8 different research studies that correspond with different types of methodologies that we will be learning about. These studies must be “good science” and all 8 of these studies must have been published in a refereed, peer reviewed, scholarly journal. You are to pick a topic of sociological interest as well as a foundational approach—positivism, interpretive, critical (Chapter 2) and collect 8 research studies related to your chosen topic with your foundational approach in mind. You will write a one page note card summary for each article that briefly summarizes the study, states its hypothesis, describes it methodology, and briefly explains its findings (see Chapter 4,Figure 4.2 for an example). Next, you are to write approximately a 3-4 page literature review citing all 8 studies. Finally, provide a reference sheet at the end with all citations. Your portfolio will consist of all eight scanned, PDF articles, eight note cards, a literature review and a reference sheet. Points will be given or deducted for each section of this portfolio.
The following is a not an exhaustive list but includes nine different methodologies or approaches from which to choose. Examples include: 1) Survey –primary data (researcher designed survey and questionnaire); 2) Survey –secondary data (data comes from a survey that has previously been conducted); 3) A quasi-experimental design; 4) Field research (qualitative); 5) Content analysis (qualitative); 6) Historical comparative; 7) Applied or policy; 8) Quantitative using trend analyses; and 9) Quantitative using regression analysis, or 10) Quantitative using a longitudinal design.
This Research Portfolio should be completed within 10-12 pages. It may be longer.
Title page is separate. Submit the Research portfolio in 12” font, double spaced, with any foot notes or notations at the end. Use ASA reference style (guide sheet found on Bb). Students may use APA if they are familiar with that citation format.

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