Scenario Building 1 : Research an area in the world city or smaller area will be easier to address or

Scenario Building (1) :
Research an area in the world (city, or smaller area will be easier to address) or company that has had documented physical security issues, such as theft, kidnapping, etc.
Identify key geographical, socioeconomic, and political factors.
Historical Progress (2):
Research the historical change over any period of time related to an increase or decrease in time.
Note any key projects or changes to factors noted in previous section.
Control Evaluation (3):
Based on the historical change and implementation (or degradation) of controls, evaluate using either a quantitative or qualitative risk assessment approach. Justify the selection of your risk assessment framework.
Control Recommendations (4):
Develop additional control recommendations for the selected area with justification.
Leveraging the success of other areas or basing your justification on risk management practices is appropriate.
See Section 4 list below for ideas. Each group member should be responsible for at least one control.
Residual Risk Evaluation (5):
Based on the control recommendations, update your Risk Assessment from Section 3 noting the residual risk after the control implementation.
Conclusion (6):
Summary and recommendations for future evaluation or program maturity.
Note: Just Section 3) Control Evaluation

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