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Scenario (Turbine integrity)

Scenario 1 (Turbine integrity) Submission details: Please use citations and include all references at the end of your assignment, using the APA6 style. Your response to Scenario 1 (Turbine integrity): Fortunately, James’ employer, WEPL, has established a confidential ethics hotline so he can raise his concerns immediately. However, WEPL is still setting up a full ethics management system to prevent such incidents from occurring. How could James’ employer, WEPL, have mitigated this ethical risk? In answering this question, please remember to present an original point of view with supporting arguments. You may use the Engineers Australia Code of Ethics, the lecture, or any other ethical basis in developing your argument. Marking criteria: Criterion Weighting A well-reasoned and original argument that is persuasive, based on credible evidence, and answers the assessment question. 7 marks A clearly expressed argument written in your own words. 3 marks

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Assignment Outline