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Security Incident Case Study

 Instructions Analyze the case study below that describes a detailed security incident at a major airport. After you thoroughly review the case study answer the four questions below. These questions will give you an opportunity to provide feedback and insight as to how you would handle the security incident as an airport operator. Security Incident Case Study: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 2:38pm. Terminal 4 Your Role: Airport Operator On Saturday afternoon a man in a dark blue jacket, jeans, black hat and black backpack uses an American Airlines restricted doorway in Terminal 4 at LAX. As the breech occurs loud alarms sound that prompt crews to lower security gates. As protocol suggest, all passengers are ordered out of the secured gate area and even off planes waiting to depart. All Terminal 4 passengers will have to be rescreened through security. Within 8 minutes of the Terminal 4 evacuation passengers become restless and some begin to push their way through crowds. Security cameras identify that many people are entering a crowded moving walkway (walking airport escalator) that leads to a pile up of people at the end. Unfortunately passengers stepping on the moving walkway are too far away from the chaos to see the end of the walkway. The man who trespassed through the restricted doorway has not been found. Assuming that he is found shortly, this evacuation will likely cause a minimum 2-3 hour delay in airline schedules. Passengers in planes landing at LAX, Terminal 4 will have to wait hours on the tarmac for delayed flights to depart and for gates to be made available. It is obvious as time passes, more confusion about the evacuation is taking place and the safety of airport personnel, flight crews, passengers and the community is at risk. Answer these 4 questions after reading the case study. 1) What could have been done to prevent this incident? 2) Now that the incident has occurred and everyone’s safety is at risk, what is the best way to manage the airport? 3) How will you work with TSA and the Port Authority to accomplish your safety objectives? 4) How will you insure the safety of passengers, airline and airport employees, as well as the community?

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