Select a region state or city of your choice 2. Select a crime or two of your choice 3. Use

Select a region, state, or city of your choice
2. Select a crime or two of your choice
3. Use the below links to analyze the crime of your choice in the region, state or city of your choice,150,148,8,97,104,165,98,100,179,178,180,101,99,103,163,168,166,12,161,14,16,15&zoomLevel=5&latitude=36.823106499999376&longitude=-95.84553739999838&days=1,2,3,4,5,6,7&startHour=0&endHour=24&timezone=
Example of a police departments crime report:
are NOT limited to these links. You can go to the police
website of the city you chose to check on their crime
What to report:
A. The location you selected
B. The crime you selected
C. The gender of the offender
D. The age range of the offender
E. The difference between years (increase or decrease)
F. Describe the most common victims
G. The relationship between the offender and the victim
H. The gender of the victim
I. The age of the victim
J. The race of the victim
K. The most common time of the crime occurrence
L. Detail the solution to prevent future victimization
M. Explain in detail how YOU as a criminal justice professional would implement your solution to decrease victim rates.

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