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Shelter Project BluePrint

Shelter Project BluePrint
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Develop a blueprint of your shelter facility and a separate, itemized list/description of the rooms and furnishings. You may either use graph paper, a pencil, and a ruler. Or, you may use a free, drawing software program of your choice. Scan/save your document as a file and submit it using the Blackboard drop box. Your final product should be practical and ADA-COMPLIANT (ex. incorporate ADA accessibility features).. Be sure to also furnish the building to conform with HHSC requirements (ex with high chairs, beds, closets/dressers, security features, a first-aid kit, etc.).. Be mindful of staffing and census capacity when constructing your design. ***IMPORTANT: Consult: Tex. Admin. Code. §379.501-505 when constructing your blueprint. (IN ADDITION TO MAKING THE FACILITY ADA-COMPLIANT, YOU WILL BE GRADED ON WHETHER YOUR FACILITY MEETS ALL HHSC REQUIREMENTS. UNDERSTANDING THESE REQUIREMENTS AND LEARNING HOW TO IDENTIFY THEM IN THE TAC IS ONE OF THE PRIMARY PURPOSES OF THIS ASSIGNMENT). TO ACCESS THIS PARTICULAR SECTION OF THE TAC, CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW):$ext.TacPage?sl=R&app=9&p_dir=&p_rloc=&p_tloc=&p_ploc=&pg=1&p_tac=&ti=1&pt=15&ch=379&rl=501$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=5&ti=1&pt=15&ch=379&sch=B&div=5&rl=Y **NOTE: In addition to the TAC requirements and ADA accessiblity features, be sure to include: fire extinguishers, smoke alarms/CO2 detectors, lighting, trash and biohazard receptacles, etc. Deliverables: Submit the following via the designated drop boxes. The drop boxes are located in the shelter manual/course project folder under Assignment #1. 1.) A blueprint of your shelter facility that demonstrates knowledge of both ADA and HHSC/TX Admin. Code requirements; and 2.) A separate word document with an itemized list of the above features (for ease of grading.) (Note: Unless otherwise specified, ALL OTHER ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE WRITTEN IN NARRATIVE FORM). Both of the above should contain identical labeled elements. (Again, #2 will be used to assist me with grading).

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