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Show the process of solving each problem. The answer is already provided.Kinematics: Rectilinear Motion   Rectilinear motion

Show the process of solving each problem. The answer is already provided.

Kinematics: Rectilinear Motion

Rectilinear motion problems deal with an object that moves laterally, or horizontally and does not rotate about its center of mass.

Watch the following video to see an another problem example

· Section: Problems 

· 10-3 A conveyor 60 m long is inclined at an angle of 18° to the horizontal and deposits material 8 m below its top end. Determine the distance and displacement of material carried by this conveyor.

· 10-10 A car traveling at a constant speed of 90 km/h takes 8 seconds to travel through a constant radius curve as shown in Figure P10–10. Determine the average acceleration of the car.

· 10-13The velocity of a particle at t = 2 s is 50 m/s
; at t = 6 s, it is 50 m/s
. Calculate the average acceleration during the time interval.

· 10-20 A motorcycle accelerates at 1.6 m/s2 to reach a velocity of 20 m/s in a distance of 50 m. Determine its initial velocity and time elapsed.

vo = 15.5 m/s t = 2.82 s

· 10-35 A projectile leaves the top of a tower with a horizontal velocity of 13 m/s. Determine its horizontal displacement and vertical displacement if it lands at 70° from horizontal.

horiz displ. = 47.3 m

vert displ. = 65 m







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