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Situation analysis of cancer council

This is a group report, you just need to do a part of it. The product we selected by the team is a sunscreen called cancer council.Talking about “cancer council”. You need to write “Situation Analysis” of cancer council, it include “Marketing Analysis”, “Company Analysis”, “Customer Analysis”. Brief of this assignment: For this assignment, students must form groups of 4-5 approximately and prepare an IMC plan aimed at a new target audience in Sydney for EITHER a personal care and skincare-related product. This plan requires students to formulate an appropriate strategic plan over a campaign period of one year within a city in Australia. Research the product/cause and the target, and plan various promotional activities, from Webpages to Television advertisements and beyond. In your written report you should include ‘rough’ advertisement formats that you have developed. Be as creative as you like, but you must also be businesslike in your approach. Refer to the textbook (Waller 2012) for the most part, to guide you in developing this plan; however, there will be discussion of this in the lectures and/or tutorials.

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Assignment Outline