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Description 1. Evaluate the media article headline only (5 points) a. Indicate if the claim in this headline is frequency, association, or cause. What words in the headline indicate that type of claim? b. For the headline’s claim, state the variable (or variables) at the conceptual level. c. State each variable at the operational level (speculate about how it might be operationalized). d. What kind of study would be needed to support this kind of claim? 2. Evaluate the original research article (attach pdf as well) (15 points) a. What is the source? Is the journal peer-reviewed? b. In your own words, what is the major purpose of the study as described in the abstract? c. Briefly summarize the introduction (one to three paragraphs). Pay specific attention to the topics introduced, previous research cited, and any theories discussed. Were adequate reference citations and background research provided to support the ideas, theories, and factual information described? d. Evaluate the strengths and limitations of the study methods and results across the four validities: construct validity, statistical validity, internal (if causal/experimental research), and external validity (one paragraph per validity). See Table 3.5 on page 73 for guiding questions. 3. Evaluate the content of the media article (5 points) a. What, if anything, was accurately reported about the research study in the media article? b. What, if anything, was inaccurately reported about the research study? c. What conclusions are drawn in the media article, and how do they differ from the conclusions discussed in the original research article? d. What are some possible implications or effects on a person who reads the media article only? Consider specific implications about the claims as well as broad implications on the reader as a consumer of science. Online News: Research article:

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