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So we didnt get a good grade on the last

So we didnt get a good grade on the last assignment. With this assignment can we do a powerpoint 6-8 with the information listed below. This was the feedback from my teacher 

My main concern was that the information on both countries, and comparing/contrasting the countries was generally incomplete.  Even when provided, the information was surface level at best, and often not focused on HR-related topics and functions that might impact moving a business into another country.  As far as I could tell, no SWOT analysis was provided on Spain, and the SWOT for Equatorial Guinea was just copied from another source without meaningful effort to explain how the cited information was relevant to the assignment.

Provide your own SWOT table for both Spain and E.G., focused on employment-related criteria.  

o  Be sure to use your narration to discuss both

·  Provide a comparison/contrast table or figure that shows similarities/differences between Spain and E.G. on critical employment-related information, such as:

o  Average wages

o  Average vacation/holiday days

o  Health and leave related benefits mandates

o  Presence and influence of labor unions

o  Presence and robustness of workplace safety laws/regulations

o  Unemployment/labor market stats/potential to recruit workers to the company

·  If you need to include historical information relevant to employment/HR, be clear on its relevance to present day HR issues

·  Provide a clear concluding statement along with a recommendation about which of the 2 countries are the best fit for a company, based on what you have reported about HR/employment criteria

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