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Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

Length: 3 page single-spaced memo You’ve just been hired as the director of social media for Mary Craft Brews, a fast-growing craft beer company whose goal is to become the most popular and largest selling craft beer in America by 2024. The company’s strategic plan is built on two core strategies. First, to brew the best craft beer in the world. Second, to grow by building exceptional customer loyalty through extraordinary customer engagement/service that drives rabid word-of-mouth (peer-to-peer) marketing. Your boss, the vice president of marketing and public relations, has assigned you the challenge of researching, comparing and recommending a social media monitoring platform that will serve as the foundation of the company’s engagement strategy. Given the importance of selecting the best platform, your boss assures you that cost is not an issue. Here are her instructions: “I need you to conduct extensive research since there are so many options and most of them sound the same to me. Find the one that’s the best for our needs and tell us why. Keep in mind, you’ll be presenting your recommendations to our executive team. Make sure your memo is crystal clear, well organized and thoughtful. “ “Whichever platform you recommend, it must help us to achieve at least these three goals.” 1. Real time efficient monitoring of all conversations related to the company, our competitors and craft beer in general. 2. It has to have sophisticated and easy to use analytical tools. We don’t have time to sit at a screen all day so I want powerful and easy to understand tools. Of course I want sentiment analysis and the ability to identify influencers but I’m also eager to learn about what else these systems can do for us. 3. I want the ability to generate and share information across the entire company. For example, this tool has to enhance our customer service and engagement as well as our ability to generate publicity and stimulate content ideas. Break your report into four parts: 1. General background information on social media monitoring and analytics platforms and how they help companies build brands and generate engagement. Include one brief example of a company that is using these tools effectively. 2. Briefly summarize problems/challenges that some companies run into with these complex systems and tell us how we can avoid them. 3. Identify and briefly summarize what you consider to be the top three platforms for our needs and why. 4. Select the top platform and explain why you choose it.

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