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Social Policy / Thinking Creatively / Working with Parents, Carers and Communities.

Description Social Policy – LO1 – 2000 words – 17th December 5pm Use a critical reflective approach to the work context to examine social policy demonstrating an understanding of the historical and ideological developments of relevant UK social policies; identifying the underpinning principles and values within education Thinking Creatively LO1 – 2000 – A critically reflective report based on a small work based/placement project reflects on creative practice and identifies personal and professional aspects for development. Evidence of the work based project is included in the submission to support the report (50% weighting). Thinking Creatively – 2000 Words – An essay critically reflects on the meaning of creativity and the theories which underpin it in light of the work-based context, with reference to current legislation and literature (50% weighting). In relation to the work based context schools across 0-19 years. Parents, Community and Carers 2000 Level 5 – An essay critically reflects on the role of parents, carers and communities in children’s and young people’s lives including an exploration of key concepts reflecting on current research and practices using work based examples to support the discussion (50% weighting) in relation to education. Evaluate the impact of working with parents, carers and communities in an aspect of education 0-19. Parents, Community and Carers LO2 – 1500 words – A critical reflective evaluation of an aspect of work-based practice relating to parents, carers and communities is undertaken (50% weighting) in relation to education. 

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