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social study

social study : 1. Please read the final paper requirements below, and then choose from the following topics for your final paper or suggest a new topic for approval: Immigration LGBTQ Native American Women in leadership positions 2. Pick a rural county that you wish to use for the final paper. State how you know this county is considered rural, i.e., discuss the different definitions and which one you chose to determine your county is rural. 3. Continuing with the topic you have chosen for your final paper, conduct a literature review on this topic. Make sure you use peer reviewed articles and/or quality government or agency reports that relate to this issue. Ask the You WILL be graded on your choice of articles, so please do use the campus resources for assistance. PLEASE NOTE: The articles do not all have to be directly related to the particular county you chose. Backtrack to find articles about the issue in rural areas, or the issue in another rural area, etc. You cannot choose articles more than 10 years old or related to work in foreign countries, unless there is a clear relationship to your topic, and your explanation is appropriate. 4. Make sure you synthesize the findings from the literature review and discuss the relationship to your topic and how this knowledge sheds light on the situation/challenge/condition in the community you have chosen. In other words, if you were trying to improve conditions for the elderly (if you chose rural elderly), what does each of the literature tell you that might help you as you chose interventions? Make connections between article findings, compare and contrast differences (read on how to conduct a literature review to complete this section successfully). 5. Provide the names or positions of 3 persons (key informants) you will interview about the issue in the county you chose. Develop 10 questions you will ask these key informants (you may use the question on the syllabus). Just the names, titles, and reasons they were chosen are sufficient. You do not need to have conducted the interviews at this point, but you do need to identify whom you will interview and provide the 10 questions you will ask them. 6. Provide a one-page Reference List constructed according the APA manual, 6thedition. 7. This paper should be 7-10 pages total including the references and in APA Format . You must follow the outline below: Introduction Topic Selected County Selected Literature Review (this is NOT an annotated bibliography) Key Informants Conclusion References Appendix (10 Questions)

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Assignment Outline