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Soda Stream Case Study

 After reading the SodaStream Case from our textbook, respond to the following prompts in one to four sentences: Based on the information in the case (and as of the case’s date, 2012) How attractive is SodaStram’s industry (for the purposes of this case, we will analyze the industry as: carbonated beverages-domestic and international) and what are the key industry forces and success factors? How would you characterize the maturity of the carbonated beverage industry? Based on our textbooks explanation of implications of industry life cycle (and the facts of the case) how could the existing players potentially increase their size or value capture/profitability? Has SodaStream been reactive or proactive in relation to external environment changes? Which of the elements of the general environment (technological change, demographic trends, cultural trends, economic climate, legal and political conditions, or specific international events) do you feel is most dynamic and most important for the carbonated drinks industry at large? Which do you think is most relevant to SodaStream as it formulates and adjusts its strategy to account for the external environment?

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Assignment Outline