Some have claimed that social media is the wave of the future and in reality it is. Consumers are spending

Some have claimed that social media is the wave of the future and in reality, it is. Consumers are spending more of their time on their phones on their social accounts, instead of glued to a television set. So, marketers have to meet the customers on the channels that the customers are most likely going to be on, so social media is the latest item on the menu.
Burger King, KFC, Olive Garden, and Chick-Fil-A.
Pick one of the above brands and determine two social media platforms that you think this business should be utilizing. Then discuss why do you think they should be using these two platforms and how the selected platforms aligns with the current target market for that brand?
Using the same brand and social media sites you discussed in the above bullet, pick 1 (ONE)
of of these strategies: inform, educate, engage, or entertain your target market and discuss how you will use it with your business across the platforms you identified. Why have you chosen this particular marketing strategy for your sites? Why do you think it will be effective in turning your social media followers into customers?
Discussion Board
Requirements-For Full Credit: Make
sure you Respond to both bullets, in at
least 4 Good Sentences per bullet, making sure you address all
points of each bullet

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