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Southwest Airline Flight 1248 Landing Accident

 Examine the Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 landing accident (NTSB/AAR-07/06). Explain the series of events that led to the runway overrun. Discuss the manner in which the approach to landing and landing was flown, as well as the aircrew’s interpretation of the runway surface condition reported and what precautions should be taken for the reported condition. Comment on whether the aircraft could have performed this landing safely and what they needed to do differently in order for this to occur. *See attached NTSB report AAR0706 All key components of the topic/question are answered in the essay. Essay has a clear, logical flow Major points and position are stated clearly Major points are supported by all of the following: • NTSB report material • Good examples (pertinent conceptual or personal examples are acceptable) • Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts)

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