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Sport Story Worksheet.

Your final paper is an opportunity to link your sport story with our course themes. The paper will have five sections, including a reference list and a copy of your Sport Story worksheet. Sections 1-3 are limited to 3 pages in total. To earn full points, pay attention to the guides for each section and the suggested lengths. Use headers to distinguish each section of your paper.

Section 1: My Story Review your Sport Story Worksheet. Share a short, personal story about a sport experience that had a significant impact on you. Think about the following questions: How old were you? Where were you? Who else was there? How did you feel? Is there anyone else (family member or friend) who remembers this situation? Did they know how much it impacted you? (suggested length: .5-.75 pages)

Section 2: My Connections Identify one course themes from the list below. Define the key concepts of the theme. Link the theme to your experience, using at least two specific examples of how the experience impacted your life. Be as specific as you can! Access and Opportunity in Sport Inclusion and Diversity in Sport Equity in Sport Physical Development, Physical Literacy and Physical Activity Social-Emotional Wellness and Lifelong Healthy Habits Community and Social Justice through Sport Define the concepts and any important elements that related to these themes. Then, describe how these themes applied to your sport experience. Be as specific as you can! (suggested length: 1-2 page

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