State laws overrule federal law.

27.   Physicians typically refer to anatomical locations using directional terms, which are often


A. used primarily by chiropractors.

B. used to describe surgical incisions.

C. referenced horizontally.

D. paired in opposites.

28.   The code for an ESWL would be found in the


A. Digestive System of CPT.

B. Urinary and Male Genital Systems of CPT.

C. Chemotherapy section of HCPCS.

D. Cardiovascular System of CPT.

29.   What code would be assigned for a tube pericardiostomy?


A. 33015

B. 33050

C. 33026

D. 33210

30.   HCPCS modifier –E2 indicates that the patient had a surgical procedure performed on the


A. upper left eyelid.

B. upper right eyelid.

C. lower left eyelid.

D. lower right eyelid.

31.   Providers that receive reimbursement after health care services have been provided are being compensated under the _______ system.



B. capitation

C. retrospective payment

D. prospective payment

32.   What happens when HIPAA rules conflict with state law?


A. The interpretation of HIPAA rules is left to the physician’s discretion.

B. The Supreme Court’s decision becomes final in binding arbitration.

C. Conflicting state rules are overridden by federal law.

D. State laws overrule federal law.

33.   The method that physicians use to bill for each service or visit individually rather than on a pre-paid basis is called


A. pre-paid care.

B. managed care.

C. fee-for-service.

D. capitation.


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