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strategic management .

This is a group assignment, and the writer only needs to complete my part.  The writer needs to complete the content in response to the question. It is important to note that answering questions is the most important!!!If possible, the contents are preferably presented in the form of a table. For details, please refer to the report of previous students. When writing each part, you need to write the corresponding issues for this company. Here are the parts you will adress : 1.0 Strategic Analysis (The report should be supported by your analysis of the industry and the company by using various theories, tools and concepts (TTCs) of strategy. The following TTCs indicating the strategic issues and strategic choices should be attached as appendices to your report.) 1.1 External Analysis and MBV (Market Based View) Strategic Groups Analysis – Lin Market Segmentation Analysis – Lin 1.2 Organizational Analysis and OBV (Organization Based View) Logic of portfolio analysis -Lin 1.3 International Analysis (IBV) Using the framework below Host market R & C strategy – Coco,Lin Adapt or standardized product/service (globalization, global strategy, multinational strategy) – Lin There is the question wittier have to answer: Strategic Group Analysis (SGA): For identifying strategic issues related to SGA, answer the following questions: •Draw a strategic group map for US beer industry by clearly distinguishing strategic groups? Which strategic groups do you think are in the best positions (attractive & profitable)? The worst positions?•What are the mobility barriers among strategic groups? .•Considering the height of mobility barriers among strategic groups, should Boston Beer Company move to another strategic group or should it stay in the existing group? Justify your reasons Is there a strategic space (strategic gap) where Boston Beer Company can move to?

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