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Student Experiences with Accommodation Policies

Part 1: READING RESPONSE REFLECTIONS (FOCUSED) – OF (2) READINGS (#1 AND #2) Include a list of issues and perspectives learned from the week’s readings, vocabulary (and names of important people and organizations). You may use bulleted notes, and these may be brief.**I am curious to know which perspective you align. Give as much focus as possible here:**1) For the Trekkies, you are going to enjoy the Trammell (2009) article. I’m sorry to disappoint the sports fans but “Red Shirting” was not used in reference to college athletics.

2) The focus of the articles shifts from using the disability label as the basis for accommodation decisions to using the student’s contextual and functional needs as the basis of accommodation decisions.

3) In addition, they examine the accommodation process from the student’s perspective. In what ways do these different perspectives inform your philosophy of disability services for neurodiverse students?


Provide your reflection to the readings. You may use the following (OPTIONAL) questions to guide you:

1) How did the readings for the week help you understand and/or rethink the topic for the week?

2) Were there ambiguities, contradictions, areas of concern and/or confusions among the readings, explain the significance?

3) How do the readings inform your philosophy of Disability Services for Neurodiverse Students?

**Try to focus on your analysis rather than a summary of the articles.Length: Total of approximately (250 words – 1 page) for Reading Response (this includes the list and your reflection)

Part 2: GIVE A FOCUSED ANALYSIS (NOT A SYNOPSIS) OF THE (4) READINGS IN YOUR OWN WORDS – YOU MAY NOT REPEAT THOUGHTS, PHRASES, OR CITING’S FROM PART 1… Your responses should be SUBSTANTIVE: they should demonstrate a serious engagement with the text(s), all claims you make should be fully and completely explained and claims about what the text says should be backed with PROPER quotations and/or evidence from the text. Be sure to provide enough reference information in your responses so that we can find the page/quotation/etc. that you are referring to or discussing in your responses.

YOU MAY NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES – ONLY WHAT IS PROVIDED. This should focus more on your REFLECTION / REACTION (Light Citation 2-3 should be incorporated) in approximately 150 – 200 words per reading.  Cite the source after response.Citations: APA Style


#1) Trammell (2009)

Trammell, Jack. (2009) Red-Shirting college students with disabilities. Learning Assistance Review, 14(2), 21-31.

#2) Kurth & Mellard (2006)

Kurth, N. & Mellard, D., & (2006). Student perceptions of the accommodation process in postsecondary education. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 19(1), 71-84.

#3) Cawthorn & Cole (2010)

Cawthorn, S. W., & Cole, E. V. (2010). Postsecondary students who have a learning disability: Student perspectives on accommodations access and obstacles. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 23(2), 112-128.

#4) Barnard-Brak, Lectenberg & Lan (2010)

Barnard-Brak, L., Lectenberg, D., & Lan, W. Y. (2010). Accommodation strategies of college students with disabilities. The Qualitative Report, 15(2), 411-429.


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