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Student will develop a proposal that will outline an issue/challenge/problem that they feel that needs to be addressed at your agency. Your proposal must be

Student will develop a proposal that will outline an issue/challenge/problem that they feel that needs to be addressed at your agency. Your proposal must be needed and that will bring change or make an impact.

The goal is to enable students to learn about their agency’s mission, function, organizational structure, and how their agencies fit into their communities and fields of practice. The projects are expected to contribute to the functioning of the agency. Your proposal must include:

SOCIAL PROBLEM: Compassion Fatigue in Child Protective Services.

Defining the social problem (why is this a problem and what had been the impact of the problems on the agency and/or the community). Provide background information (Do research… ask questions). The student should provide research(literature) about the problem to support the issues. Students should reference professional journals to conceptualize the social problem. Find existing research on the topic so that the reader can understand the arguments and empirical evidence in the literature.

Describe community partnerships to help address the problem. Students should identify the various agencies and community members that maybe knowledgeable about the selected social problem. This means you must identify local community agencies and other key stakeholders that could work with you towards ameliorating the social problem, or those directly or indirectly affected by the social problem. • Students
MUST submit a list of community agencies, along with contact name, address, telephone number and email address, if applicable that they feel are appropriate to assist with the problems,

Find three articles based on compassion fatigue on social workers in child protective services or burn out and summarize the articles, why it’s important and the impact by the agency, why it’s a problem and why it’s a problem at the agency. Articles must not be no younger than 7 years. Articles must begin at the year of 2018. Articles must also be peer review. #1 Must consist of two pages. Also, for #2 describe the agencies to partner with for the (Department of Social Services in South Carolina). Minimum all together is 4 pages.

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