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Students will write their own case study (5-6-page APA formatted)

Students will write their own case study (5-6-page APA formatted) describing a work environment challenges in closing a sale and negotiating an agreement. The case study should describe the situation with content that synthesizes the information from the lectures, textbooks, and other resources in order to adequately represent their most significant learnings from the course, citing at least 10 external references (no websites permitted) from class texts and other credible sources. 


1. Company – Choose the company on your and do the sales and negotiation closing agreement challenges for that company

2. Subject – Business Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

3.. APA Formatting with double spaced

4.. Synthesizes the information from the lectures, textbooks, and other resources.

5.. NO Websites should be used in this case study for the information.

5. There should be 10-15 references from the class texts and other credible sources.

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Assignment Outline