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Study of Chinese Philosopher Zhuang Zi

 Give historical context of Zhuang zi(Zhuang zhou), the main problem he addressed, his answer to the problem and his historical impact. Also have a section where he gives his own personal response to the philosopher, a “how it relates to me and my life” section. 1.Biography and historical Context and historical impact. 2.The main problem he/she addressed. 3.Their answer to the problem (an expository essay on their main contribution to philosophy in which you describe what their theory was and how their theory solved the main problem) 4.Proof for their Position Here you write an expository essay proving that their main theory is true. 5.My personal response This includes a personal essay in which you explain what points you agree with and disagree with from the philosopher’s contribution. You also include a section in which you relate personally to the philosopher and talk about how the philosopher might of use to people today.

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Assignment Outline