Submit a 2 page outlineexample: HIS 40B outline pdf of a paper you could write in response to the essay

Submit a 2 page outline(example: HIS 40B outline pdf) of a paper you could write in response to the essay prompt listed below.
You are not writing a paper, you are writing down your outline for a paper. You may draw on sources given
Imperialism Theme
It has been an argument of this class that colonialism or imperialism has been a constant and crucial theme of modern East Asian history, even after the period of formal colonialism ended in 1945. Write a short essay analyzing how colonialism has been understood by specific authors in at least three sources from across the twentieth century. How do they identify the features of colonialism or imperialism? How do they assess its impact on their lives or the lives of their compatriots and neighbors? What measures do they advocate (if any) in response?

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